Business English Tools

Tips and tricks to learn English

  • Change the default home page of your browser to a English news site - The Local, Germany's news in English.
  • Do grammar and vocabulary exercises online – English
  • Visit English websites with a business focus such as British Council's Learn English or Breaking News English.
  • Complete an online course at – BBC's Talking Business.
  • Learn a new word each day via an e-mail service. Register at Learner's Word of the Day
  • Learn by listening, for example, on the way to work in your car or on the train.
  • At BBC's Six Minute English or Business Spotlight Podcasts you can download MP3 files for free and use them on your MP3 player, iphone or audio CD's.
  • Subscribe to English magazines. Business Spotlight is one of the most recommended magazines to learn Business English and is suitable for beginners.
  • Read English novels. Pearson Longmann offers English language books which have been adapted for specific levels and are designed for readers who want to learn English without sacrificing the fun of reading.
  • Learn some of the differences between British & American English.

  • Apps and more! - tools to improve general EnglishAndroidIOS
    Duolingo is great for beginners and has easy translation plus speaking components.
    Ello has a great list of MP3 dialogues you can download to your mobile devices. You can also choose specific accents to listen to and you can print or read the text for the dialogues.  X  X is my favourite online and offline dictionary for the web or mobiles etc.
    Statistsa has a lot of interesting English info graphics you can use to spice up meetings and discussions in English or to get your point across much easier.

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  • Download a copy of BBE's English Tense Chart to map out how English works.