Our communication strategy for German companies with offices and operations in Berlin aims to equip employees at key touchpoints with international customers; with the necessary English communicative skills to perform their jobs and carry out their tasks efficiently and confidently. From your company's reception, through to engineering, marketing and sales departments, and even the board of directors, we endevour to establish English as a working language and help with all English-related business matters, issues and opportunities.

For example, we have assisted Berlin based companies to incorporate English on websites within content management systems, trained engineers to speak about complex technical machines with Asian clients, and participated in business development negotiations with foreign countries such as the United States and Korea.


New to Berlin? We can help with the translation of business plans into German or English

We possess extensive experience in translating large and complex texts, as well as website content, marketing documentation, press releases, and media clips. We specialise in the engineering, public relations, marketing, information technology, music & art/design industries. If you require an offically certified translation for documents such as marriage certificates or driver licences, please visit the The Federal Association of Interpreters and Translators.

Furthermore, we have the technical skills and capabilities to write content in several programming languages and for different content management systems such as Typo 3, and simple Wordpress Sites. For one company in Berlin, we have user access to upload English content directly to the company's website, which enables the company to push out content fast and with minimum resources and input. Directly translating and editing php, html or javascript based sites and pages is also possible.


Our experience is not limited to finalising texts and writing marketing material that stands out but also includes contract analysis, editing and the translation of business plans into German or English. We have regularly assisted companies to write contracts in English and German and to respond to offers by other non-native English speaking countries. We are however not lawyers, and we accept limited liability for the legality of our translations and assitance provided; given especially that misunderstandings and misinterpretations are commonplace. For more complex legal matters, please consult with a lawyer.